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International student recruiter

At the Tutorium, we take pride in our reputation, and we are careful to allow only the best consultants to represent our interests and our students’ interests.

We are happy to welcome your students to the Tutorium in Intensive English.

We will help them achieve their English language goals and provide a positive experience for them in the United States.

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Agents or recruiters who represent the Tutorium:

  • Are not actual employees of the Tutorium in Intensive English
  • Are not employees of the University of Illinois
  • Cannot be based in the U.S. (We can only work with overseas companies.)
  • Do not collect commissions for government-sponsored students

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We only consider applications from agencies that have:

  • Experience recruiting students for Intensive English Programs in the U.S.
  • An established company with a company website that we can review.
  • An section on their company website that lists and explains any fees that they charge to students.
  • A company that can list at least two IEP schools in the U.S. as references.

The process of reviewing an application to become a recruiter for the Tutorium and then creating a partnership with a new agency or recruiter can take several months to complete.

If we accept a new agency or recruiter, we pay commission only for students who are recruited after that agency or recruiter has been added to our vendor list.

Recruiter Application Form