I-20 & Visa

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The I-20 is an important immigration document that you present to the American Consulate or Embassy in your home country so you can obtain an F-1 student visa before coming to the United States.

The Tutorium issues the I-20 only to applicants for full-time enrollment in our Intensive English Program.

How to Qualify for an I-20

1. Apply to our Intensive English Program.

  • Open our online application form.
  • Under Program, select “Intensive English Program.”
  • Apply for full-time study.
  • If you are traveling from overseas, complete your application at least 4-6 weeks before the start of the session.

2. Include the following in your application:

(If you don’t have all of these now, you can start your application and upload them later.)

How to Show Proof of Financial Support

You must submit proof of financial support to apply to our Intensive English Program, and to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when applying for the F-1 student visa.

This proof of financial support must show a minimum of the Tutorium Total Estimated Expenses for One Semester (listed below), no matter where you live or where you get your health insurance.

Submitting a Bank Letter

If you will pay your tuition through your own or a sponsor’s* funds, you must submit an official bank letter as proof of financial support.

Bank Letter Requirements
  • It must be on official bank letterhead.
  • It must have authentic signatures and official bank stamp. Example of an acceptable bank letter
  • The letter must include the name of the account holder.
  • The letter must show the type of bank account (such as “savings,” “checking” or “current account”).
  • The letter must include a date of issue.
  • This letter must be no older than 6 months when we receive your application.
  • If the letter is not in English, a translation must be attached.
Bank Fund Requirements
  • The account funds listed in the bank letter must be no less than the Tutorium’s Total Estimated Expenses for One Semester (listed below).
  • The account funds must be an accessible source of money by the start of classes.
  • The account cannot be a business account.
  • The letter can show the amount in U.S. dollars or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency.
*Sponsor Fund Requirements

If you will be using sponsor funds, you must provide a signed Affidavit of Support along with a bank letter from the sponsor’s bank.

Scholarship Letter

If your tuition is paid by a scholarship or other institutional support, you must submit an official letter from the sponsoring organization.

  • The letter must include the specific amount of funds granted.
  • The amount listed in the letter must be no less than the Tutorium’s Total Estimated Expenses for One Semester (listed below).
  • Note: Scholarships are not available through the Tutorium.

Estimated Expenses for One Semester

Tuition $6,250.00
Living Expenses $7,888.50
Textbooks $175.00
Total Estimated Expenses $14,313.50

To request an I-20 for a dependent:

  • You must show that you have funding to support your dependents in addition to your program of study.
  • Dependents are defined as your spouse or unmarried children under 21.
  • For one dependent, you must show a minimum of $3,245.
  • For each additional dependent, you must show an additional $2,318.

If you need to have your I-20 as soon as possible:

  • We send I-20s electronically, so you will receive them quickly. Consulates and embassies now accept electronic I-20s and so do officials at the port of entry.
  • The Tutorium’s Intensive English Program issues the I-20 in 3-5 days.  Same-day service may be possible.
  • If you must have a physical copy mailed to you, you can pay extra to have your I-20 sent by express mail. Email tutorium@uic.edu about express mail.