Take your Language Teaching Career Further With Online TESOL Training!

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The Tutorium is pleased to announce the new Online TESOL Professional Development Series: a set of three online courses designed to prepare instructors to teach English to speakers of other languages.

This program is for people with or without prior experience who hope to teach abroad, locally, or online. Upon completion of the program, trainees will be prepared to teach and tutor English.

The full program takes approximately 135 hours to complete and requires a participant to find and complete a 10-hour teaching practicum.

How to Apply

  • Complete our online application at  http://go.uic.edu/tieapply.
  • For Program, select “English for International Professionals Series.”
  • The application takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.
  • There is no application fee.
  • You do not have to be a current UIC student to participate.

Admission requirements: high school diploma, ability to take class in English, reliable internet access.

Program Calendar

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All courses are offered online every term, giving you multiple ways to join our program.

Choose the path that fits your goals:

  1. Complete all the courses in one term.
  2. Spread them out over multiple terms.
  3. Or, pick individual courses for professional development.

Fall 2021

Term A: August 23 – October 15
Term B: October 18 – December 10

Spring 2022

Term A: January 10 – March 4
Term B: March 7 – May 6

Summer 2022

June 13 – August 5

  • Registration deadline: 1 week before each term starts.
  • Early registration discount deadline: 3 weeks before each term starts.


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Full Program cost

  • Full program tuition is $1,400.
  • Early registration tuition is $1,200.
  • Fall 2021 special cohort tuition is $1,050.

Early Registration

To qualify for the early registration discount, complete your registration and full tuition payment 3 weeks before the start of each semester.

Special for Fall 2021 Cohort

Students who join our program for Fall 2021 receive the discount tuition rate of $1,050.

Course Descriptions and Individual Tuition Rates

ELSI 061 Introduction to Applied Linguistics (4 credit hours^)

Introduction to linguistic concepts including the nature of language, non-native language acquisition, intercultural communication, and the structure of English with a focus on how concepts apply to language teaching.

  • Individual Course Tuition: $720
  • Early registration tuition: $670

ELSI 062 Language Teaching Methodologies (4 credit hours^)

The course focuses on effective language instruction and assessment. The course provides best practices for teaching languages including TESOL.

  • Individual Course Tuition: $720
  • Early registration tuition: $670

ELSI 069 Practicum in Language Teaching (1-2 credit hours^)

This practicum focuses on the experience of teaching a language with guidance from an experienced instructor. Participants registering for 1 credit hour will need to find a 10 hour practicum (internship) in addition to classwork. Participants needing a 20-hour practicum would register for 2 credit hours.

  • Individual Course Tuition: $200 (1 credit/10-hour^)*

*Students needing a 20-hour practicum can register for an extra credit hour for an additional $100.

^ELSI courses are credit bearing, but no graduation credit is given and the courses, which are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, are non-GPA bearing.

Additional Options

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Group Discounts and Customization

The Tutorium can offer discounts and program customization for interested groups.

On-Campus Options

Starting in 2022, after program completion, we also offer a separate immersive 1-3 week on-campus experience where you can visit Chicago and observe our courses in person.

Partnering with the Tutorium

Are you looking for ESL/EFL instructors, or TESOL training for your own instructors? Contact us about partnership opportunities at tutorium@uic.edu .

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