IEP Textbook List

NOTE: For on-campus classes, students are required to bring:

1. Their own laptop

2. Their textbooks


Textbook Instructions

The textbooks for the Intensive English Program are listed below. After you receive your course assignment, look for your course(s) and buy the textbooks listed for each course you are taking.

You must buy only new books. You cannot use photocopied or used books. If you buy a used textbook, the code in the books with an online component will not be valid.


Level 3 and Level 4 Reading/Writing courses require 2 textbooks. If you are in those classes, you must buy both textbooks.

Paper or E-textbook

We think a paper textbook is best and easiest to use, but some publishers offer e-texts. If you can, we recommend that you buy a paper textbook because:

  • You will be on the screen a lot this semester, so a paper version will give your eyes a rest.
  • If you have a paper book, you will not need to change windows on your screen as much, and you will be able to follow the teacher better and participate more.
  • In a paper book, it is easier to make notes while you read.

Instructions on getting your textbooks

  • Please order your materials at least 10 days before class starts so you have them for the first day of class.
  • Below you will find links to the publishers of each textbook for you to order online. If you buy your book somewhere else, use the ISBN number to find the correct book.
  • When you order, make sure you buy the correct edition of the book.
  • Some courses have an online resource, too. Make sure you order all of the materials.
  • Make sure you order a NEW book.

Intensive English required texts and materials, Fall 2021

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