For Spring 2021, classes have online and hybrid options

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Program Information and Requirements

  • This program offers full-time study that qualifies for the I-20.
  • Participants must be 17 years or older.
  • Applicants must have the equivalent of a U.S. high school education. (Documentation may be requested.)
  • Student levels are determined by a placement exam.

Registration Instructions

  1. Submit your Application.
    • Under Program, select “Intensive English Program”
  2. Pay tuition by logging onto

If you need an I-20 for a student visa, include:

  1. a copy of your passport
  2. a bank letter
  3. if you have a sponsor, the Affidavit of Support

If you need to have your I-20 as soon as possible:

You can pay to have your I-20 sent by express mail.

Additional Information

Application Deadline

  • Applications from students travelling from overseas should be received 4-6 weeks before the start of the session.
  • Applications from within the United States, or for online study, should be received one week before the start of the session.
  • Contact for the latest deadline information.

If you cannot attend the session you originally applied for:


Email your questions to


Schedule a video appointment with our Admissions/Advising Team:

Program Information and Requirements

  • These courses are part-time study and do not qualify for the I-20.
  • Participants must be 18 or older.
  • These courses have no application fee.
  • This program offers free phone and online placement interviews

Registration Instructions

  1. Submit your application.
    • Under Program, select “English for International Professionals Series.”
  2. After you submit your application, our program will contact you to arrange a short assessment (by email or phone) to determine the best course for you
  3. Tuition payment is made online after your language assessment and course enrollment.

Application Deadlines

The registration deadline is two weeks before a class begins.

  • Late registration may be possible if there is still space in a course. Contact for more information.
  • If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, students receive a full refund.

Refund Policy

  • 95% is refunded (minus $20 service fee for credit card payments) if you notify us by 3 p.m. of the Friday before the class begins
  • 85% is refunded (minus the textbook cost) if you notify us before the day of the second class meeting
  • 75% is refunded (minus the textbook cost) if you notify us before the day of the third class meeting
  • No refunds are issued if you notify us of your withdrawal on or after the day of the third class meeting.
  • Credit card refunds are processed within 5 business days.
    Refunds for check payment may take 6-8 weeks.


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