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Tuition Discount Options Heading link

The Tutorium offers three possible discounts.  These discounts can be combined for a maximum 20% tuition discount.

1) Referral Discount (5%)

A referral discount is earned when a current student encourages another student to attend the Tutorium IEP. This discount is available to both the current student and the new student for all semesters when BOTH students are enrolled.


  • To receive a 5% referral discount, a current continuing student should email with the name and email address of the newly applying student.
  • This email must be received before the new student has arrived at UIC.
  • Referrals are not accepted after placement and orientation has begun.


  • This discount is for new IEP students who are referred by a current IEP student and for the current student who referred the new student.
  • Each student will receive a 5% discount for every semester where BOTH students are enrolled in the IEP.
  • When one student moves on, this referral discount will end.
  • This discount is not available to UIC Global or EIPS students.

2) Continuing Registration Discount (5%)

  • This is available to current students who register for an upcoming semester by the early registration deadline.
  • Instructions and deadlines for this discount are announced each semester by the Tutorium office.

3) Social Media Ambassadors Discount (5%)


  • This discount is for new and current students who use social media platforms and who post about the Tutorium and interact on social media with the Tutorium by tagging Tutorium accounts.
  • Each student will receive a 5% discount for a semester’s tuition as a result of posting and interacting on social media according to published guidelines.
  • This discount is not available to UIC Global and EIPS students.

Policy & Deadlines

  1. Posts made anytime before a semester’s drop/add deadline can count towards a discount for that same semester’s tuition. Students can even begin posting before arriving at (or returning to) UIC. Must notify by the drop/add deadline.
  2. Posts and notifications made after the drop/add deadline and up to the next semester’s drop/add deadline count towards a discount for the next semester’s tuition.

Click for online application for this discount.

Download document with detailed instructions.


4) Coming Soon: 5% Student Community Ambassadors Discount