Customized Programs

The Tutorium designs customized courses for businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, even friends and family on vacation. We create a program that fits your group’s budget, schedule and language goals. Classes can meet at your office, on campus or online.

Our customized programs help:

  • Professionals who need to improve their communication skills
  • Travelers to Chicago looking for an educational adventure
  • Students on break who want to improve their English while exploring the UIC campus

Note: The Tutorium can issue the I-20 for students in full-time versions of these short-term courses.

A group of 4 students

Some of the courses we have designed:

  • English Communication Skills for Bank of Beijing employees
  • Government/Business English for 21st Century Institute “Global City” seminars
  • Language Instruction Training for instructors from National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China
  • Medical English and Academic Speaking/Listening Skills for UIC College of Nursing

Looking for a Customized Course for one person?

If you want a customized course for one student, we also offer private one-on-one instruction.