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Student Handbook

Tutorium staff and faculty

Welcome to the Tutorium!

If you have a problem or question that the Student Handbook does not address, please contact the Tutorium Office. Your teachers can also help you or tell you where to go for help. We are all here to help you, and  we want you to have a great experience.

Student Handbook Sections

The Tutorium Mission | Tutorium Programs | Student Placement | Student Assessment | Program Evaluation | F-1 and F-2 StudentsStudent Advising | Tutorium Code of Behavior | UIC Code of Behavior

The Tutorium Mission Heading link

The Tutorium has been offering English for speakers of other languages on the UIC campus since 1978.

Tutorium Programs Heading link

Tutorium programs offer non-degree courses under the UIC course subject code ELSI (English Language and Support for Internationals)

Student Placement Heading link

Student Assessment Heading link

Program Evaluation Heading link

F-1 and F-2 Students Heading link

Student Advising Heading link

Tutorium Code of Behavior Heading link

Students who engage in any behavior that results in the disruption of a class may be directed by the instructor to leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period.

UIC Code of Behavior Heading link

Request More Information Heading link

Contact us to learn more about the English programs at the Tutorium.

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