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Testing Services

English Proficiency Assessment Service Heading link

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UIC applicants can use the Tutorium’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) as a replacement for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS,.

  • The fee is $135 per assessment.
    • This fee can be paid by the UIC department that the student is applying to via interdepartmental transfer, or by the student applicant on our online payment site.
    • There is a $50 rescheduling fee for students who miss their ELPA interview or ask to reschedule less than 24 hours before the assessment.
    • Students taking the ELPA after completing courses at the Tutorium receive a $25 discount.
  • Read our testing policy to determine if you are eligible to take this test.
  • Applicant eligibility will be verified with UIC Office of Admissions.

For more information about taking ELPA, and to learn if you qualify to use ELPA for UIC admission, please contact

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