Housing Options

female student seated at desk in dorm roomOn-campus Housing

Tutorium students can live on campus in one of the UIC Residence Halls.  Applications are processed in the order in which they are received, and rooms are assigned based on availability.  To apply for housing on the UIC campus, fill out the on-campus housing application.

Temporary Accommodations (for 1-7 days)

The Tutorium recommends that students arrange housing before arriving in Chicago.  However, if a student needs temporary accommodations, such as a hotel or a hostel, nearby temporary housing options are available.


The Tutorium offers a Homestay program through the American Homestay Network. Homestay is an opportunity to live in a home with an American family located near your school. Host families provide a private bedroom and a private or shared bath, plus different meal options.

Host families can be families with children, couples without children, or single people.  Some have pets and some do not; some live close to the campus and others may require a bus or subway ride.  Students who choose the homestay option pay a placement fee and then a monthly fee for the room and meals.

To arrange a homestay, complete the American Homestay Network application form. This company is NOT part of UIC or the Tutorium in Intensive English.  It is a private company that arranges Homestays for students attending many different schools in the Chicago area.

Off-campus Housing

The majority of Tutorium students live off-campus in apartments and lofts.  Use this list of housing advice and vocabulary to help in your search for a Chicago apartment.

To search for apartments in Chicago:

We also recommend the following apartments or lofts:


Use the Chicago Neighborhood Guide to help you in your housing search.

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