Tutorium Lecturer Granted UIC OGE 2021 Outstanding Faculty Award

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Tutorium Lecturer, Rebecca “Becky” Bonarek, has received the UIC Office of Global Engagement (OGE)  2021 Outstanding Faculty and Staff Award.

Becky was nominated by her coworkers as a colleague who has excelled in outstanding service, innovation, leadership, and collaboration.

In their nomination of Becky, her colleagues describe her energy as a “driving force for our team of teachers and more importantly, for our students”.

They add that “Becky sets a high standard for applying research in the classroom. She has presented at the state, national, and international level on student-centered topics such as language learners’ self-perception as ESL students”.

We are very proud that Becky Bonarek has been recognized by the OGE Outstanding Faculty and Staff Award for 2021.

She is a fierce advocate for our students, and our program is so much better for the initiatives she has implemented.