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The Tutorium in Intensive English offers several ways to help you join a degree program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Tutorium IEP > UIC Degree Program

  1. Study full-time in our Intensive English Program
  2. Apply to a university degree program while finishing our highest level.

The Tutorium can help with the application process for UIC undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Tutorium IEP > UIC Pathway Program > UIC Degree Program

  1. Study full-time in our Intensive English Program
  2. Then, apply to the UIC pathway program.

UIC Pathway Program (English + UIC Degree Courses) > UIC Degree Program

  1. Attend the UIC pathway program
  2. Then, take evening, weekend or online English language courses provided by the Tutorium while completing degree courses in your field.

UIC Degree Program + Language Support Courses

  1. While studying as an undergraduate at UIC, take our test prep courses to improve your scores in standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and the GRE.
  2. Use your improved test scores to enroll in a university graduate program


Welcome to the Tutorium. At the Tutorium, our highly qualified and experienced staff and instructors assist you in achieving your academic, professional, social, and personal goals. Students at the Tutorium are part of the larger community of University of Illinois at Chicago, a public research university, which is among the top five most diverse campuses in the nation.

Jason Romano  |  Director, Tutorium in Intensive English

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