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Options for UIC Graduate Applicants

The Tutorium Can Help Heading link

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The Tutorium supports graduate programs that want options for recruiting highly qualified international students. We offer two options for graduate programs to admit qualified international applicants whose first language is not English.

Option 1: Grad+Professional Skills

Admitted students take our support courses in addition to the minimum number (9 credit hours or more) of graduate academic courses to supplement their professional communication skills. Our Advanced Professional Skills series assists non-native English speakers and/or international students build their communication skills to be successful in U.S. Academia and a global workforce.

Option 2: Intensive English pre-Grad

Prospective students attend our Intensive English Program (IEP) and transition to a graduate program upon IEP completion. View: Estimated Timeline in IEP for Intensive English Pre-Grad

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Grad+Professional Skills Option Heading link

This option allows graduate programs to fully admit applicants to the graduate program with a requirement to take professional skills courses. These would be in addition to full-time graduate enrollment (9 credit hours or more), which is required to maintain the student’s immigration status. View detailed chart of ELSI courses and requirements.

  • The Tutorium has designed an advanced professional skills series of courses specifically for graduate students who need refinement of the skills necessary to be successful in U.S. higher education and the global workforce.
  • The advanced professional skills series (ELSI 081-089) are 8-week (5 in summer) skill-based courses that focus on common academic needs.
  • ELSI 08X course descriptions can be found under the ELSI rubric in the course catalog.
  • View Information about Advanced Professionals Skills Courses for UIC Students to learn how to sign up for courses.

Intensive English pre-Grad Option Heading link

Academically qualified applicants who have submitted language scores (or ELPA results) indicating a clear need for significant English language support, would study in the University’s Intensive English Program full-time before starting their graduate studies. Upon successful completion of the Intensive English Program, the student will be fully admitted to the graduate program and their level will be changed from Intensive English Program to graduate student.

Time to Complete IEP
If a student submits an English language proficiency exam score, below is a schedule of the time needed prior to beginning the graduate degree. If a student does not submit a score, the student may take the Tutorium English Language Placement Assessment (ELPA) prior to arrival to determine the estimated timeline.

  • The Tutorium administers a department placement exam upon arrival to verify language levels. The estimated timeline may be adjusted according to the placement exam given upon arrival.
  • This timeline presumes a student will successfully complete the set of leveled courses each semester.
  • Students must complete all of the necessary language training (Placement through IEP level 4) to be considered for the academic program.

Estimated Timeline in IEP for Intensive English Pre-Grad Heading link

 1 Semester before Grad (estimated based on placement in IEP level 4)2 Semesters before Grad (estimated based on placement in IEP level 3)3 Semesters before Grad (estimated based on placement in IEP Level 1 or 2)
TOEFL iBTTotal Score: 60-69Total Score: 50-59Total Score: <50
IELTS AcademicTotal Score: 5.0Total Score: 4.5Total Score: <4.5
PTE AcademicTotal Score: 44 to 46Total Score: 40 to 43Total Score: <40
TOEFL rPTTotal Score^: 45 to 51Total Score^: 37 to 44Total Score^: <37

^Each section of the revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test has a score range of 0–30. No total score is reported.

Students will be assessed when they finish the Intensive English Program to determine if any courses from the Grad+English program are required or recommended.

Information for Advisors / Admission Officers Heading link

 Recommended Minimum Total Score for Grad+Professional SkillsSubscores Grad+Professional Skills
(If any Listening, Speaking, Reading, or Writing subscore is less than below, professional skills courses are recommended)
Intensive English pre-Grad
(If total score is less than below, students should attend the Intensive English pre-Grad Program)
TOEFL iBT70Listening<17
IELTS Academic5.5Listening<6.0
PTE Academic47Listening<47
TOEFL rPT52Listening<17

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) as Alternative to TOEFL Heading link

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No scores, no worries!

Applicants can take Tutorium’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)

For students unable to submit a test score, Tutorium administers the ELPA, an in-house English language proficiency assessment. The assessment is administered remotely.

  • The in-house assessment serves as an alternative to expensive exams such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • The Tutorium can also use ELPA as a way to inform departments on students’ specific needs or progress.
  • The ELPA results also assist in determining:
    • full admission,
    • Grad+Professional Skills option,
    • or Intensive English pre-Grad.

Important Note: The ELPA is not a test for UIC International Teaching Assistants (ITA). Click here for information on the UIC ITA Oral Certification Interview.