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International student recruiter

At the Tutorium in Intensive English, we take pride in our reputation, and we are careful to recruit only the best consultants to represent our interests and our students’ interests.

We are happy to welcome your students to the Tutorium in Intensive English.

We will do our very best to help them achieve their English language goals and to provide a positive experience for them in the United States.

Tutorium Agents

The Tutorium’s agents receive commissions for successful registrations in our Intensive English Program. While we may work closely with agents to accomplish a common goal of helping students perfect their English language skills, it is important to note that the Tutorium agents:

  • Are not actual employees of the Tutorium in Intensive English
  • Are not employees of the University of Illinois
  • Are not based in the U.S.
  • Do not collect commissions for government-sponsored students

Please complete and submit our Tutorium Recruiter Application Form if you are interested in becoming a Tutorium recruiter.

We only consider agencies that have experience placing students in Intensive English Programs within the U.S. If your agency has that experience, you will also be asked to send the contact information of at least two U.S. Intensive English Programs that can serve as your references.

For questions about becoming an agent for the Tutorium in Intensive English, contact:
Terrie Byrne,

Submit A Recruiter Application Form