Tutorium Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff are experienced professionals with advanced degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language, Applied Linguistics, or a related field. 80% of our teachers are full-time. Our teachers and staff regularly participate in professional development activities and professional service. They attend local and international conferences, give presentations and workshops, serve on committees, pursue advanced studies, and publish articles.


Jenna Buendia jbuend2@uic.edu
Jordan Carson jcarso2@uic.edu
Trischa Duke tduke3@uic.edu
Deena Hamdan dhamda1@uic.edu
Rachel Jacob rjacob3@uic.edu
Lita Johnson ljohns70@uic.edu
Beata Keller bkeller@uic.edu
Kristine May krismay@uic.edu
Mariam Mazboudi mmazbo2@uic.edu
David Mulvihill dmulvi3@uic.edu
Amy Nusser atopor3@uic.edu
Dave Onufrock onufrock@uic.edu
Deborah Sandstrom sandstrm@uic.edu
Katherine Sauers ksauer3@uic.edu
Vit Vanicek vanicek@uic.edu

TIE Staff FA16


Director Diane Highland highland@uic.edu +1-312-996-8764
Associate Director (Mary) Fran Michalski michalsk@uic.edu +1-312-413-0167
Academic Director, EIPS Therese Byrne tbyrn2@uic.edu +1-312-996-8999
International Student Advisor Amy Nusser atopor3@uic.edu +1-312-355-3533
Accountant Christopher Lye chrislye@uic.edu +1-312-996-5918
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